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'Transition': Official Selection, Museums in Short

I often do these little 'flavour' pieces that attempt to capture the vibe of the event with no dialogue. A snap shot of what was going on that particular night without subjecting you to a 15 minute documentary. Something you can take in for a couple of minutes and think 'yeah, I'd like to visit that place'. Hopefully it works, but you can judge for yourselves.

Thanks to Bury for getting me involved (Event co-coordinator Jeni Holt Wright).

In other news: Not long till the 'Falling Ghost' video hits on the 8th of September and I'm finishing off another video for him as we speak. 'Fissure' has received another great review, so pleased about that.

I did a video for Girl Gang Manchester which should hopefully land soon, documenting their 'See My Selfie' exhibition. I didn't shoot that one, but edited it and what have you. Sam Hughes was the shooter. There is also a trailer coming for their 'Moondance Menagerie' club night. Great piece to work on. Nice and epic. Which I like.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Speak soon,


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