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Fissure is done. Promo time...

Just over a year ago the crowd funding campaign for 'Fissure' officially kicked off. We had all our cast and crew in place and the whole thing got away in grand style. We started strong, no stopping us now. Long story short(ened) we had a few personnel changes but everything settled and we reached our target and could actually shoot the movie. Great news, great feeling. Fast forward to now and the movie is finished. We had a little cast and crew screening along with the delightful Ctrl Z which was directed by James Kennedy. The moment the eerie strains of 'One Tiny Taste' by Louis Barabbas floated around the cinema after 12 minutes was the moment I breathed out. For 12 minutes I sat, on the front row listening for the reactions from the packed house. I should have sat at the back, but I was a little nervous and forgot to perch in the rafters. No leaving half way through if everyone started laughing.

Luckily people only laughed at the one joke in the movie. What a relief! I'd had nightmares about sniggers and guffawing and no-one liking it. All that seems rather silly now, but when you put out something like this I guess you are at your most vulnerable. A year of your life subjected to 12 minutes of judgement and scrutiny.

Enough of that though. Far too serious. Now is the time we start submitting to festivals, seeing if we get anywhere. The first review of the film has come back from UKFilmReview.

"Harrowing and Engaging". Just what I was after. Another small victory. Remember, I've been staring this down for a whole year as the editor and VFX artist. So knowing someone I DIDN'T know liked it was something of a personal victory. Emma Laidlaw and Biff Roxby getting special mentions was a very pleasing moment. "The central performance from Laidlaw is excellent, balancing the suffering and angst with the desperate hope her character feels with skilled aplomb." and "the movie also benefits from a fiery score that is unafraid to take risks in building huge atmosphere and tone." hit me right in 'the feels'. I'd also like to mention NoiseFour as they did sterling work making the thing as creepy and tangible as they did. The first time I'd heard the sound design was 2 days before the screening. Bravo.

Before I head back to the grind of finding festivals to throw the film at, I thought I'd include the poster for the film.

Before I go though, I would just like to thank everyone, from our pledgers to cast, crew, friends and Dry Run Films for making all this possible. Without all these people this little piece of art would never exist. Some great talent and patience on display.

Big thanks to everyone, and when you see it, I hope you enjoy it...


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