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Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Recently, I heard someone say that 'creativity is like breathing'. When you create something, you breathe out. Keep breathing out and you'll probably pass out because your body realises you are being an idiot and intervenes. Breathing in is going to the theatre, the cinema, a gallery, reading etc.

It would appear I sometimes struggle to breath. For I am an idiot. In the last few weeks though I've inhaled quite a lot of inspiration. First off was going to see my good friend James Kennedy's film 'Ctrl Z' in the cinema. (Trailer below)

I'd been involved in this project in a small capacity right from the get go. A privilege to see a kernel of an idea develop into a finished, slick, funny piece of work. We shot our respective films on the same weekend and seeing his hit the big screen was a real kick in the behind to get Fissure done. (Still working on that...)

I also went to see Video Jam at the Royal Northern College of Music. What a stunning night that was.

Again, it was a great thrill to see an idea through from the 2nd event at Antwerp mansion to a sell out crowd at a 600 seater theatre. I'm lucky enough to call the brains behind VJ friends. The musicians they snagged to score the phenomenal film Baraka were amazing. All their pieces, while musically individual coalesced into one glorious whole. These two events have left quite an impression on me. I need to get my ass in gear with my own film and seek out amazing creative nourishment more often.

I mentioned my film earlier, 'Fissure'. I'm happy to report that it has turned a corner. I'm really happy with the edit now and have started adding in the VFX. Biff Roxby has sent over the first strains of music and its class stuff. It's finally coming together. Hoping to get it over to the chaps at Noise 4 very soon. Below is a lovely picture of an eye. From the film. ART!

So I guess to sum up, check out CTRL Z when it hits the festivals and when Video Jam are in town, you go. Pretty simple.

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