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I must admit, on Friday night I was resigned to not hitting the target and was forming contingency plans in my slightly ragged brain. But, it was not necessary. I awoke at 5am and thought 'I'll just check it, see how its going' and was super surprised when I saw we where £30 away. I then feel back to sleep a contented little bunny.

8am and Jen wakes me up with her phone shoved so close to my face, my eyes crossed and switched sockets. When the blurriness cleared everything was ok. We had done it. Target reached with only hours to spare.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. We are now ready to go. I say that, there's lots to do, props, slime, make up. But its all good stress.

I am definitely going greyer. That's a reality.

Principle photography starts on Saturday (30th of July) and I couldn't be more excited. With an excellent production team and wonderful cast I have to say its going to be a belter. I know this because we had a read through on Friday and it was great seeing everyone interact. Discussing 'James' and 'Kate's' relationship from when they met at uni all the way to where the story finds them was a joy on the drive back from Leeds. Hearing Lucy's thoughts on her character (no spoilers) was great. The creative vibe was great and a relief after all the fund raising business. I could actually focus on the film.

Looking forward to getting started now. You can keep up to date here or at the following locations:

Yours greyingly,


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