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Fissure Teaser Trailer!!!

Well, this came around quick. I decided that, to try and gain a bit more interest, we should do a teaser.

And here it is!

Shot on Black Magic with a skateboard, we crafted a sweet looking teaser in no time. Even though it was done quickly, I did feel sorry for Joe, the 'Wraith' character, as the house was boiling and he was wrapped head to toe in a thick clock, with a hoodie, blackout curtain and cap to boot.

Crowd Funder coming soon, watch this space.

Massive thanks to everyone involved:

Phone Mega stars: Jennifer Beech, Richard Beech, James Meehan, Kiri Pritchard Mclean. They truly saved my bacon.

The people who get a mention in the video: DOP James Kennedy , 'Man on Ground' Joseph Stacey, 'Wraith' Joe Holt.

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