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Pre-Production Starts On 'Fissure'

1st blog! Alright! Woooo

Pre-production is well underway on my short 'Fissure'.

A little insight into the story:

A little girl goes missing in mysterious circumstances and we pick up 10 years later. Parents have split, mother is out of rehab and trying to get her life back together, but she has visions of that day and it turns out it might be her daughter communicating with her from another dimension.

That's the gist. Currently beavering away on draft 10 and storyboarding. I'm not really a fan of storyboarding. I get board kinda quick, but boy do I thank myself when I've done it. So I'll be getting back to that then.

I'll let video me explain further, just click below.

And if you liked it, don't forget to subscribe and stuff. That would be amazing.

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