Crowdfunder Campaign off to a flyer...

Last weekend was somewhat nerve racking. Not because of the whole Brexit thing, (although I did feel a little bit empty inside on Friday morning) but because the crowd funding campaign for Fissure was due to launch. I've never done one before. My insides were knotted with worry, and doubt and all manner of 'what ifs' and other questions. Other people were involved now. I had no choice but to let it go live. This whole journey has been a revelation. For those of you who don't really know me, I'm my own worst critic. I worry about the quality of my work non stop, I worry no one will like what I do (as I think most artists do). At first I want everyone to see what I've made, then as soo

Fissure Teaser Trailer!!!

Well, this came around quick. I decided that, to try and gain a bit more interest, we should do a teaser. And here it is! Shot on Black Magic with a skateboard, we crafted a sweet looking teaser in no time. Even though it was done quickly, I did feel sorry for Joe, the 'Wraith' character, as the house was boiling and he was wrapped head to toe in a thick clock, with a hoodie, blackout curtain and cap to boot. Crowd Funder coming soon, watch this space. Massive thanks to everyone involved: Phone Mega stars: Jennifer Beech, Richard Beech, James Meehan, Kiri Pritchard Mclean. They truly saved my bacon. The people who get a mention in the video: DOP James Kennedy , 'Man on Ground' Joseph Stac

Scripting 'Fissure' (Vlog)

Week two of my vlogging exploits has just happened. Will the world tire of my face and voice, or will it embrace me? Might I just sink into obscurity accompanied by a collective 'meh' from the world? Who knows, you can but try, right? So, If anyone watched the last episode I introduced the project and some of the players involved. This week we talk script development and who has helped me in shaping the script so far. Bloomin' beauts, they are. So today is Monday, hopefully Tuesday has something exciting in store show I can show you next week. I've promised it and now I have to deliver. Oh my, the pressure. Until next time, Paul

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