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Paul Wright is a Director, VFX artist and Concept Artist. This is where you'll find his concept art, short films and music videos. Based in Manchester, available for concept art, previs, filmmaking in general. Hit the contact section if you would like to talk about collaborating.  If you like what you see, feel free to leave a tip ;).

Reviews of 'Fissure'

"His characters are interesting, believable, and compelling, and the plot he deftly concocts for them is bulging with fantastic ideas and emotions."

- Chris Olsen, -

"The visual style is interesting, the concepts are smart enough to go in multiple directions, and generally speaking, this was an excellent short film."


Reviews of 'AfterLife'

"A work of Aesthetic Power."


- Jack Bottomley, -

"A ransom from the ordinary"



Short Films

Music Videos

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